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Computer 3D diagnostics without radioactive radiation.

"Spinal mouse" is a device that, in combination with a computer program, estimates spinal bumps without the use of radioactive radiation. The device is handled manually on the skin on the back along the spine. The measuring head, anatomically, tracks the spine contour in the sagittal and frontal plane and records clinically relevant data. The software program uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the clinical parameters.

Measurement and Diagnosis with Spinal Mouse enables: measuring segmental and global angles in the sagittal and frontal plane, measuring the body's position and spinal movement, measuring the functions of the spine and performances. The measurements are quick and easy to perform, accurate, reliable and harmless to the patient.

Compared to other existing methods, Spinal Mouse offers advantages in terms of accuracy, objectivity, reproducibility, presentation of data, non-invasiveness, absence of harmful radioactive radiation, ease of use, and excellent ratio of costs and benefits.

Our Polyclinic Dentistry EU is the only one in the region that allows you to scan or diagnose with Spinal Mouse..