Botoks (Botulinum Toxin) - Denta ES


Motivated by the needs of dentistry and aesthetics, the education center and dental polyclinic – Denta ES started offering services in the field of facial aesthetics.

“It is perfect for customers who prefer to use long-term effects of botulinum toxin that can really make both dramatic and subtle changes in the skin and to correct certain flaws. Additionally, botulinum toxin is useful for dental interventions in various problem solving” stated Dr. Slobodan Georgiev from the Denta ES.

Botulinium toxin or popularly called Botox is used to rejuvenate the skin on the face, the neck and the neckline, for application in the field of dentistry in solving the “gummy smile”, bruxism, poor habits in the muscle of the chin, and in overcoming the primary hyperhidrosis. Contrary to the current opinion, Botox is not only present in show business where it is often exaggerated and can be easily noticed, but it can be used for very subtle interventions that will achieve what we desire without being obvious that something is done at all.


The consultations are free, all procedures are done by doctors – specialist and the goal is always one – connection of beauty and health in perfect symbiosis. Call tvus for advice and then decide.