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"BOWEN" therapy

Living in a stressful state is more and more an everyday life for each of us. This condition caused by numerous factors, further reflects on the body and increases the level of stress in muscles. What our body needs to return to normal function is a state of equilibrium through the autonomic nervous system. To do this, the body needs much more than the current routine massages and treatments.

For restarting the body and facilitating very acute and chronic illness, the Bowen technique is required.

What is the "Bowen" technique, where is it available and which problems does it solve?


When using Baby Bowen therapy, it should be considered that it does not replace the continued care of the pediatrician.

The nutrition and health of the mother who takes care of the child is a potentially challenging factor in their symptoms. Newborns have a Colicky Baby syndrome or Infantile colic seen in the abdomen, that is, abdominal muscles or respiratory discomfort, causing the newborn to feel disturbed.

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