General dentistry - Denta ES


General dentistry is the foundation of our work. Without good general oral health there is no overall health nor are other treatments on the teeth possible. It encompasses treating of the teeth, sealing - all necessary things for which children and adults visit us. What separates us from most of the market is the usage of high quality and high aesthetic materials: composites and nano - composites having fine particles for maximum strength and aesthetics. They are used without usage of substrates, but the seal fills the tooth itself which is much better for the tooth. In addition, we use materials with porcelain particles – ormocer used for dental fillings in larger defects.


The dental treatments include Endodontics, treatment of channels which makes the removal of nerves, with apex locator that determines the length of a root digitally.

In addition, we work on channels filling with most contemporary biological pastes based on resin – which don’t contain any toxic materials, called gutta-percha. We would also like to mention the thermophile filling – where through hot condensation the material is melted into the channel, fulfilling the channel perfectly. We also practice the lateral – cold condensation, which combines resin and gutta-percha. In complex situations that arise when treating channels we use mechanical processing of channels with which appearance relapse, cysts, bone defects etc. is avoided. For bacteria destruction in the channel before filling we use laser sterilization channels.


Towing the tooth

Cleaning of caries, restoration of the natural form, function and aesthetics of the tooth, coating with composites and high-quality nano-composites.

Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening with up to 7 times brighter shades, removal of deep pigments caused by the consumption of beverages, coffee and cigarettes.

Cleaning teeth

Removal of tartar by ultrasound, processing of periodontal pockets, polishing polish paste, tongs, discs, sanding and the like.

Child dentistry

Training for proper brushing of teeth, taking care of milk teeth, filling of fissures of permanent teeth and extraction of milk teeth.