Motivated by the needs of dentistry and aesthetics, the education center and dental polyclinic – Denta ES started offering services in the field of facial aesthetics.
Our customers often decide to hyaluronate because it is on completely natural basis and it breaks down over time. We use top quality products, applied by professional doctors, with the knowledge that comes from years of experience of our partners.” states Dr. Slobodan Georgiev from Denta ES.
Hyaluronic fillers are from natural basis and over time their action passes, which makes this aspect convenient for those who want to subtly enhance the look of your skin by filling in wrinkles, do not know if they want a particular permanent correction or as a precaution in order to stop occurance of deeper wrinkles.
Hyaluronic fillers are used to remove the signs of aging, such as correction of contour and volume of the lips, correcting the lips, nasolabial wrinkles, glaberal region, the area around the eyes or so called “crow feets”, the linear wrinkles on the forehead, the cheek bones, the neck and the hands.


The consultations are free, all procedures are done by doctors – specialist and the goal is always one – connection of beauty and health in perfect symbiosis. Call us for advice and then decide.