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Mesotherapy / Mesonites

Mesotherapy includes injecting active substances in the middle layer of the skin called Mesoderm. Depending on the Cocktail that is injected different effects are achieved so mesotherapy can be applied in different areas of medicine, such as dermatology, rheumatology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, otorhinolaryngology etc.
The most popular is the use of facial mesotherapy as a way to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. The fact that we come to the middle layer of skin , better results are achieved compared to using only external products such as face creams. In order to accomplish this we use a roller, which inserts the active ingredients into the skin through a needle, reaching every pore of the skin separately. Denta ES uses different mesotherapy cocktails for different needs: INNO TDS VITAMIN COMPLEX, INNO TDS HYALURONIC ACID, INNO TDS FIRMING, INNO TDS AGE RESCQUE (ANTIAGEING), INNO ROLLER SNAP 6-7-8, INNO-ROLLER CAVIAR DETOX. TDS (trans dermal solution).

However , mesotherapy is used also for the body: in order to lose excess fat and cellulite, tighten the skin after the impact of various factors like child birth, loss of body weight and similar. Denta ES uses the following mesotherapy cocktails for the body treatments: INNO TDS ANTICELULIT, INNO TDS FIRMING, INNO TDS DRAINER, INNO TDS DRAINING, INNO TDS PPC, INNO TDS HAIRLOSS CONTROL.

3D mesonites

3D mesonites is a simple system of placing threads in the skin for smoothing the wrinkles. The threads are made of biodegradable material and while placing them with the needle into the skin they are forming an armature that tightens the skin as desired. These threads are disappearing from the skin for 180-240 days but within two months they produce collagen in skin which has tightening and smoothing effect which maintains this skin lift. This method of skin rejuvenation is ideal for all parts of the face: to remove nasolabial wrinkles, wrinkles in the neck, deep wrinkles, neckline, and is perfect for wrinkles on the forehead, where for 15 minutes you can deal with this problem. The treatment is ideal for those who are against Botox because it is on natural basis. During treatment no anaesthesia is required but only using mild anaesthetic cream, while a slight redness lasts only one day after the intervention. After the mesonites procedure the face movement is unimpaired, and after 3 weeks you can apply other facial treatments already.

The 3D mesonites can be used in combination with hyaluronic fillers for the more shallow wrinkles while the deeper ones will be dealt with using the threads. These treatments are performed only by physicians who perfectly know the anatomy and physiology of the skin.


Lipolysis involves injection of active substances that leads to melting of localized fat. Denta ES also performs these treatments with products from INNO SEARCH. In mesotherapy treatments we use products renowned brand INNO SEARCH: • INNO SEARCH is a world famous brand that has own research and development laboratory for developing their products and continuously work on improvement of their quality; • INNO SEARCH has a wide range selection of cocktails for mesotherapy to chemical peels, and products for daily care of the skin and its protection from external influences.

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