Oral surgery is another of our specialist services and we use it when a conservative approach is not sufficient, that is, when a patient's surgical treatment is required. It covers endodontic surgery, surgery of third wisdom teeth, implantology, sinus cavity, periodontal surgery, bone grafting, laser surgery, etc.
The Surgical laser is an important part of the modern technology that we use in "Denta ES", which gives you painless and quick treatment, without bleeding, with minimal anesthetics, and no sewing and antibiotics.

Implantology - Embed implants

Because embedding implants is common nowadays, people think that all implants are the same, and this is not the case. Therefore, in Denta ES we use only high quality – German implants and the patient receives a certificate and guarantee for the quality of the product. We do the implantology with modern equipment specifically made for implants placement and with contemporary products with improved characteristics and better fitting tightly to the bone.

Asides from the classical method you can also choose the laser as procedure. The procedure is less painful, the wound is not bleeding and doesn’t need sewing, and postoperative process is without pain and swelling.

Sinus Lifting

It refers to lifting of the upper jaw sinus which is positioned too low and there are two ways in which it can be resolved, either by special mini implants entering deep enough into the tissue in order not to damage the sinus or with intervention that raises the sinus cavity.


Oral surgery

We practice oral surgery when conservative approach is insufficient and needs surgical treatment. It includes surgical solution to apicotomy cystectomy, removal of stuck wisdom teeth in the upper or lower jaw, hemisection of the root which is very important to be made on highly professional level so that the problem is solved forever.

Paradontal surgery

Embedding implants with certificate and quality assurance, sinus li ft, water bone regeneration, use of biological materials such as bone granules and collagen membrane and all other surgical procedures in impantology.

Laser periodontal surgery

A more modern approach in treating parodontopathy or loss of bone that holds teeth bone implants. The modern methods have replaced the complex interventions of bone transplantation. In such cases in Denta ES we use artificial bone with the same composition as the natural one, in order to preserve and strengthen the teeth. The procedure of setting the bone substitutes and collagen membrane with bone pins is called augmentation and serves to raise the level of bone that has been lost and strengthen loose teeth.

Laser reconstruction of the gum

This is a procedure is used so that it improves the smile in people where the gum is visible more than usual, due to pathologically swollen due to inflammation, trauma or usage of certain medications. The procedure is painless, bloodless, sewing and postoperative course are easy and it is performed with diode laser. The patients receive improved gum form, equal and uniform appearance of the gum and the teeth are no longer short but receive a more normal appearance of healthy long natural crown. The frenolectomy of the lingual and labial fraenum, removal of polyps and haemangioma are procedures that fall within the scope of surgery. Unlike frenulectomy that are most often present among the younger population, removal of polyps, haemangioma and similar problems are common in the elderly.