Prosthodontics - Denta ES


Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that deal swith the treatment of clinical conditions caused by lack of teeth and oralt issues,allowing fort heir adequate replacement. It covers diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of comfort in the oral cavity using a biocompatible replacement of ceramics, zirconium ceramics and metal ceramics, and also the most modern non-metallic crowns and tooth laminates.
We use the most modern 3D print technology known as "CAD-CAM", which works with absolute accuracy and guarantees the ideal layout of the products


High aesthetic reconstruction of the front teeth using thin composites known as laminates to give you the perfect smile without scraping your teeth for placing porcelain crowns.

Composite laminates are a less invincible method for reconditioning teeth-composites which, like shells, are fine apllied on the tooth while improving the existing aesthetic of the tooth either in shape, color or size.

Fixed prosthetics

Restoration of lost teeth through the manufacture of metal ceramic and without metal crowns and bridges, as well as prosthetic supplements with high quality.

Mobile prosthetics

Classic mobile and metal prostheses known as "vision", to compensate for partial or total toothlessness patient.

Digital 3D remote

Making crowns and bridges with a CAD-CAM machine, using a digital fingerprint, which completely eliminates the risk of human error.


Prosthodonticson implants

Making crowns and bridges on implants and mobile prostheses on mini implants as the final phase of implantology.