Facial Aesthetics

Our polyclinic also deals with facial aesthetics, apart from dental needs, as well as for skin rejuvenation using highly professional methods. It includes a wide range of rejuvenation treatments such as hyaluronic fillers, botox, face and body mesotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

We are the first polyclinic in North Macedonia that works with facial aesthetics facial aesthetics using the PRP method, where plasma from your own blood is used for rejuvenation, and from now on, you can also find a treatment for the revitalization of the female intima.

Hyaluronic fillers

Driven by the needs of dentistry as well as aesthetics, the educational centar and dental polyclinic – Denta ES offers services in the field of facial aesthetics.
‘’Our customers often opt for hyaluron because it is completely natural and breaks down over time. We use preparations of the highest quality, applied by professional doctors of medicine, with knowledge that comes from many years of experience of our partners. Spec. Dr. Slobodan Gjeorgiev from Denta ES.

Hyaluronic preparations (fillers) are on a natural basis and their effect wears off over time, so from that point of view they are suitable for those who want to subtly improve the appearance of their skin by filling wrinkles, do not know if they want a certain permanent correction or as a preventive measure to prevent deeper wrinkles from forming.

Hyaluronic fillers are used to remove signs of aging, such as correction of contours and volume of lips, correction of lips, nasolabial wrinkles, marionettes, glabellar region, region around the eyes of so called “crow feet”, linear wrinkles on the forehead, buttocks, cheek, decollete, and palm.

At the Denta ES polyclinic, we work with the exclusive French brand Vivacy – Stylage.


Morpheus8 is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment. It combines microglial and radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, which plumps up firmer, smoother and more youthful looking skin on the face, neck, décolletage and body.

Morpheus8 is known for its ability to provide skin tightening, wrinkle care and texture improvement, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

This minimally invasive method is customizable, making it suitable for different skin types and concerns. Morpheus8 offers impressive results in overall facial rejuvenation, making it the choice of choice in the field of aesthetic medicine.

PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Help yourself without bringing in anything from the outside. Growth factors as a basis for healing. A healthy organism only ever needs a little help to miraculously help itself. But this time it’s your blood that can produce incredible results.
PRP (Ratelet Rach Plasma) is a by product of blood (plasma), rich in platelets. But what is so special about it? Platelets perform many functions, including blood clotting and the release of growth factors. These resulting growth factors stimulate the stem cells to regenerate new tissue. The more growth factors there are, the more stem cells are stimulated to produce new tissue, so the body heals faster and more efficiently. That is why PRP has been used in medicine for wound healing until now.

Skin rejuvenation with PRP
But recently it has also been used for skin rejuvenation – the growth factors put back into the skin initiate the growth of new collagen, new fat tissue (which helps the skin become smooth) and new blood vessels (for a healthy skin glow). A real miracle, without any sensequences, which restores the shape, improves the complexion and texture, and literally creates new younger tissue.

Bone growth during dental procedures

Bone morphogenic proteins are a subfamily of growth hormones, so new bone can be formed with them. Hence the use of PRP for bone grafting in dental procedures such as dental implants- now bone can be caused to grow more than expected and faster than ever before. It can also be used in: graft application, sinus lift procedures, ridge augmentation procedures, cleft lip closure and palate defect repair, and fistula repair between the sinus cavity and the mouth.

How is it performed?
A sufficient amount of platelets is obtained from only 15-55cc of blood, it is the patient’s own blood, so any transmissible diseases are not possible. And that makes the operation completely safe – all that returns to the body is the blood, so it cannot cause any reactions. The only one that implements this procedure in the field of facial aesthetics in North Macedonia is the Denta ES polyclinic, which recently acquired this equipment. Consultations are free, and the results are amazing!

Botulinium Toxin – Botox

Driven by the needs of dentistry as well as aesthetics, the educational center and dental polyclinic Denta ES started offering services in the field of facial aesthetics.
,,For clients who prefer longer lasting effects, we use botulinum toxin, which can really make dramatic but also subtle changes to the skin, as well as correct certain skin flaws. In addition, bolutinum toxin is also useful for dental procedures for various deficiencies” Dr Slobodan Gjeorgiev from Denta ES.

Botulinium toxin or popularly called botox is used for skin rejuvenation on the face, neck, decollete, as well as for application in the field of dentistry to solve “gummy smile”, bruxism, bad habits in the chin muscle, and to overcome primary hyperhidrosis. Contrary to common opinion, botox is not only present in op stars, where it is often exaggerated and noticed, but it can be used for very subtle operations that will achieve what we want without it being obvious that anything was done at all.

Consultations are free, all procedures are performed by specialist doctors and the goal is always the same – connecting beauty and health in a perfect symbiosi. Call us for advice and then decide.

Mesotherapy / Mesonites

Mesotherapy involves the injection of active substances into the middle layer of the skin or the mesoderm. Depending on the introcued cocktail, different effects are achieved, so mesotherapy can be applied in different areas of medicine, such as: dermatology, rheumatology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, otorhinolaryngology, etc.

The most popular is the use of facial mesotherapy as a way of rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. By only reaching the middle layer of the skin, better results are achieved than using only topical preparations such as face creams. To achieve this, we use (derma pen) rollers, but also introduce the active ingredients into the skin with the help of a painless small needle, touching each pore of the skin individually. At Denta ES we use cocktails for facial mesotherapy from the top cosmetics of INNO AESTHETICS.

But mesotherapy is also used on the body for: loss of excess curves and cellulite, tightening of the skin after the influence of various factors such as childbirth, loss of body mass, etc.

3D mesonites

3D mesonite is a simple system of placing threads in the skin that serve to smooth out wrinkles and tighten, that is, lifting the skin. The threads are made of biodegradeable material and are inserted with the help of a needle into the skin, thus forming an armature that tightens the skin as we want. These threads disappear from the skin in 180-240 days, but during two months they create collagen in the skin which (tightens and smoothes) maintains this lifting.

This way of rejuvenating the skin is ideal for all parts of the face to remove nasolabial wrinkles, deep wrinkles, decolletage, and it is also perfect for forehead wrinkles, where we can deal with this deficiency in 15 minutes. The treatment is ideal for those who are against Botox because it is naturally based. During the treatment, anesthesia is not required, but only the application of a mild anesthetic cream, and the mild redness that lasts only one day after the intervention. After placing the mesonites, the movement of the face is not restricted, and other facial treatments can be applied already after 3 weeks.

3D mesonites can be used in combination with hyaluronic fillers, where superficial wrinkles are filled with filler and deeper ones with sutures. These treatments are performed only by doctors who know the anatomy and physiology of the skin very well.


Lipolysis involves the injection of active substances that lead to the melting of localized fat deposits. Denta ES performs these treatments with INNO products. INNO is a world famous brand that owns its own laboratory for product development and works daily to improve the quality of the same, and has a wide range from mesotherapy cocktails to chemical peels, and of course products for daily skin care and its protection from external influences.