Welcome to Our Clinic

Our Vision

All people to have anatomical and functional balance in the oro - facial system in the lower third of the face, satisfied from their appearance and to live happily!

Our vision is to become a leader in specific areas that we are working in and serious part of the dentistry and facial aesthetics in Macedonia. Through a thorough patient care for their complete wellbeing, to create Polyclinic that they will stay in as well as their children.

Our Mission

Perfectly organized, immensely polite, professional and perfectly educated, most contemporary equipped using the most modern and best materials, in the closest collaboration with the patients we choose and realize the most suitable, most accessible and cost effective interventions in the field of general and specialist dentistry and facial aesthetics.

Through professional, excellently prepared, sincere and dedicated education to raise the level of knowledge and skills of the entire dental staff in the country and beyond.

Our mission is to be a symbol for superior dental practice in which each specialist cares for a particular practice in the best possible way. Helping patients in the unique conditions that they have, we are the only ones in certain areas and this allows us a completeness of our actions. We are persistent, because only with health inside we can achieve aesthetics outside.

Our values

  • We see our clients as a separate individual, in an effort to discover and help with all specific things connected to dentistry and facial aesthetics
  • We use the best materials available, at the best value for you
  • No unnecessary procedures or offering something that is not necessary for you
  • Our team is constantly educated in order to offer higher and better dental health service.
  • We offer all the benefits, honestly evaluating our work.
  • We build with our clients mutual trust and respect
  • We are your partners, you can be sure we will represent your values
  • We undertake the responsibility towards the public to support our mission, vision and values
  • Your health for us is before everything else, because only with health inside outside aesthetics is achieved

Our Team

Dr. Slobodan Georgiev

Specialist in oral surgery and implantology

Born in Skopje in 1979. He completed the high schools education in DSMU Dr. Pance Karagjozov in Skopje. He graduated dental School in 2003 on the Dental Faculty. He became specialist in oral surgery and implantology is 2011. He attended various courses in the field of dentistry and received certificates for bio-stimulated application of lasers and surgical lasers in dentistry. Successfully introduced using the method PRP (protein rich plasma) in the oral surgery interventions, and also in the facial aesthetics. He has training and acquired a license for independent work in applying hyaluronic fillers and Botulinum Toxin in facial aesthetics, and mesonites in the face area.

Dr. Elena Vasilevska Georgieva

Specialist in Orthodontics

Born in Skopje in 1981. Graduated high school education in Skopje, Dental faculty in 2005 on the the Dental Faculty. During her dental practice she attended various courses and is a specialist in orthodontics since 2011. She works classic orthodontics, lingval and the most prestigious Damon system system. In 2011 she becomes Damon Doctor, and in October 2012 she becomes the official educator for Damon system in Macedonia and Kosovo. She has passed training for miofunctional therapy and special training for temporomandibular dysfunction and sleep apnea and treats these disorders of TMJ with appropriate type of treatment.

Dr. Victor Stefanovski

Specialist in Prosthodontics

Born in Kumanovo in 1984. Finished secondary education in the medical school in Stip, graduated in 2008 on the Dental Faculty. Specialist in Prosthodontics from 2012. He attended various courses in the field of dentistry, particularly in the area of high aesthetic prosthetic restorations, veneers, has undergone special training and received the license application of hyaluronic fillers in facial aesthetics.

Stefan Temelkovski

Office Manager

Dr. Biljana Panovska

Master of Dental Science

Dr. Vanja Ickova

Master of Dental Science

Martin Mitevski

Graduate Physiotherapist for Body Posture, TMЈ Dysfunction and Bowen Therapy

Dr. Monika D.Kostadinovska

Doctor of General Dentistry

Dr. Elena Jankovska

Doctor of General Dentistry

Dr. Jeton Zhuta

General dentist

Elena Todorovska Kovacovska

Medical representative

Elena Temelkovska

Administrator of Foreign Trade and Procurement

Natasa Spirkovska


Natasa Kiprijanovska


Elena Alceva

Dental Assistant

Ana Zdravkovska

Dental Assistant

Ivan Bubalo

Dental Assistant

Aleksandra Milenkovska

Dental Assistant

Boban Stojanoski

Sales Manager and Event Organizer at Ortho Denta ES Wholesale and Education Center

Lidija Dimovska


Branka Nikolovska