Our vision is to become a leader in several specific areas in dentistry and facial aesthetics in North Macedonia. Through detailed care for our pacients, for their complete well-being, let’s create a polyclinic that they and their children will stay with.

Our Vision

Every person to have anatomical and functional balance of the oro-facial system in the lower third of the face, to be satisfied with their appearance and to live happily!

Our Mission

Impeccably organized, immensely kind, perfectly educated and professional, most modernly equipped, using the most modern and best materials, in close cooperation with patients we select and implement the most correct, most accessible and cost effective interventions in the field of general and specialist dentistry and facial aesthetics. Through expert, well prepared, sincere and dedicated education, we raise the level of knowledge and abilities of the entire dental staff in the country and beyond. Our mission is to represent a symbol of a top dental practice in which each specialist takes care of a specific practice in the best way possible. By helping patients with the unique conditions that they have, we are only ones in specific areas and this allows for the totality of our actions. We are persistent, because only with health from the inside can aesthetics be achieved from the outside.