Prosthetics as a specialized branch in dentistry deals with the treatment and correction of the imbalance in the oral cavity that occurs due to the loss of individual or all teeth in the oral cavity. This treatment includes establishing the correct diagnosis, planning therapy, rehabilitation by compensating the lost teeth with fixed or mobile prosthetic structures, usually made of high quality and biocompatible materials such as ceramics, glass ceramics and zirconia.

At ,,Denta ES” we use the most modern technology for 3D design known as “CAD-CAM” which works with high precision and guarantees an ideal fitting of the works.


Laminates represent a highly aesthetic fixed construction of the teeth in the front made of high quality materials that give a natural appearance to the teeth in order to achieve the desired smile, without or with minimal scraping of the tooth surface.

Direct composite laminates allow tooth remodeling without scraping the dental tissues and are made from high quality nano composite materials with high gloss and natural appearance.

Fixed prosthetics

Restoration of lost teeth through the production of metal ceramic and metal free crowns and bridges, as well as high quality and natural looking prosthetic superstructures.

Mobile prosthetics

Classic mobile and metal prosthesis known as ‘’visail/vizil”, to compensate for partial or total toothlessness in the patient.

Digital 3D print

Fabrication of crowns and bridges using computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) based on a previously made digital imprint of the teeth and tissues in the oral cavity.

Prosthetics over implants

Making crowns and bridges on implants and mobile prosthesis on mini implants as the last stage of implantology.

A digitally designed smile

Today it is not enough to have only teeth that do not have biological and functional problems! People want a beautiful smile, integrated with their physical features and, at the same time, in harmony with their own emotional aspects.

The Digitally Designed Smile (DSD) presents a new face in dentistry- more human, emotional and artistic – that further enhances our noble profession in society, using video and natural conditions that we can clearly see, because after all, there are not many things in life that are more imprant than a healthy, natural, reliable and convincing beautiful smile!

For decades, dentists have tried to match the shape of the teeth to the whole face based on parameters such as gender, character and age. But the actual successful results were elusive. Modern dentistry needs to be updated in order to meet the expectations of people with high expectations. To achieve that kind of result, the modern dentist has to go a step further than just being a good professional.