Orthodontics is one of our leading specialist services. We are leaders in the treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction and the only polyclinic that deals with orthopedics of the jaw joint in patients. It covers the correction of incorrectly placed teeth through fixed and mobile appliances, aligners and functional orthodontics with an orthognathological approach.

Our biggest advantage in the field of orthodontics is the ‘’DAMON” system of “Ormco”, which, in addition to the treatment of the teeth, acts on the whole face and significantly shortens the time of wearing prosthesis.

Fixed orthodontics

Fixed classic and “DAMON” prosthesis, starting from metal, titanium, highly aesthetic zirconium, up to crystal clear and transparent “ice” briquettes from the company “Ormco”.


Mobile orthodontics

Classic mobile prosthesis or multifunctional appliances that enable proper growth and development of teeth in the youngest, from 3 years to 15 years.

Damon System

It has existed for more than 20 years, it is used by thousands of orthodontists in the world and so far 1,500,000 patients have been treated! It’s never too late for the smile you’ve always wanted! Fixed dentures can move teeth at any age. Wearing crystal clear braces will not affect your private and business life! If celebrities can do it, why can’t you!

Functional orthodontics

A unique type of treatment with the so called Frenkel mobile device that includes an orthognathological approach that allows addresing the attitude and position of the body in children.

Orthodontics with aligners

Successful solution of aesthetic and functional deficiences with modern invisible prostheses, the so called aligners. Through a digital scan to transparent and efficient foils, which will transform your smile to the desired result.


Lingual orthodontics

Invisible prostheses from the company “Ormco” that are placed on the inside of the teeth and serve to quickly solve anomalies in the front teeth. They are completely aesthetic and a perfect option for people for whom aesthetics are the most important.

Our partner “ORMCO”

Orthodontics is one of our most important fields of work. Therefore, we decided to offer you the best through systems that use the principle that is particularly important to us – to treat each patient as a special individual. With our partner “Ormco”, we became educators and representatives of the most prestigious brand “DAMON”, which through the “face oriented” orthodontist not only achieved a revolution in prosthesis but also introduced a new aspect of treating patients. The “DAMON” system is characterized by greater patient comfort, fewer controls, the process is done without tooth extraction, shorter treatment and better results achieved by using light-biologically sensitive forces.

We offer the best options for you, because only with internal health can we achieve aesthetics outside.a


Electromyography makes it possible to effectively evaluate the influence of dental contact in the activation of the masticatory muscles, in order to:
1. To avoid functional changes in a healthy patient;
2. Improving the effectiveness of functionalization (ex. Fixed and temporary prosthesis, implants, splints, etc);
3. Diagnosing patients with imbalance;
4. Balancing patients with imbalance of dental origin;
5. Showing patients general information to better offer them the necessary treatments;
6. Increasing the perception of the quality of services, that is, treatment;
7. Monitoring of patients functional health.

The recording is performed in two steps through bipolar electroces positioned on the skin of the face of the masticatory muscles and both performed in a few seconds separately one after the other.

Orthopedics of the jaw joint

This really rare field of work in dental practices is one of our most important focuses, due to the fact that research indicates that it occurs frequently (as many as 70% of the population has this disease). Disorders cause general and local symptoms.

Common symptoms include-headaches (which are mixed with migraines), neck pain, stiffness, back pain, cold feet, insomnia, dizziness and general weakness, feeling tired, while in growing and developing children this jaw problem causes scoliosis and kyphosis.

The local symptoms are at the level of the joint itseld – jamming, toothache, skipping, ringing in the ears, frequent inflammations in the ears, etc. People often don’t even know they have this problem, so they look for the solution in other branches of medicine, not understanding why the symptoms persist.

We include state of the art treatments for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the jaw joint such as joint treatment with joint exercises, night time splint therapy, aqualizer, treatment in joint reconstruction which can be orthodontic and prosthetic. With these treatments, the problem with the jaw joint, which is the cause of other health problems, can be solved forever.

Temporomandibular joint disease and treatment process

The reason that lead up to the disruption of the function of the temporomandibular joint are numerous, with the exception of some rare cases when the cause of the disease is related to serious physical diseases, i.e. tumors, infections, inflammatory diseases of the muscoloskeletal system, etc.

Spinal mouse

Computer 3D diagnostics without radioactive radiation

“Spinal mouse” is a device that, in combination with a computer program, evaluates the curves of the spinal column without the use of radiactive radiation. The device is handled manually on the skin of the back along the spine. The measuring head anatomically follows the contour of the spine in the sagittal and frontal plane and records the clinically relevant data. The software program uses a sophisticated algorith to calculate clinical parameters.

Examination or diagnosis with Spinal Mouse allows:

Measurement of segmental and global angles in the sagittal and frontal plane, measurement of body posture and movement of the spinal column, measurement of spinal functions and performance. Measurements are fast and easy to perform, accurate, reliable and harmless to the patient.

Compared to other existing methods, Spinal Mouse offers advantages in terms of accuracy, objectivity, reproducibility, data presentation, noninvasiveness, absence of harmful radiactive radiation, ease of use and excellent cost to benefit ratio.

Our denta ES Polyclinic is the only one in the region that allows examination or diagnosis with Spinal Mouse.