Orthodontics is a very important aspect of the specialties of the Polyclinic Denta ES. Recently by becoming a licensed partner of the company Ormco, we became representatives of the most contemporary Damon system which is revolutionizing the world of prosthetic and is the absolute leader in this field treating over 3 million patients to date.
It is important to note that nowadays there are numerous solutions that can be applied to correct improperly placed teeth, whether for aesthetic or health reasons. Now, unlike in the past, there are faster and more subtle ways that can be used and which certainly have better results. Studies show that irregular teeth are not only aesthetic problem; they are often the cause of other diseases such as, for example parodonthopathy. Therefore, increasingly older people also come for orthodontic treatments as prevention of other dental problems, unlike the past where orthodontics was connected more to the younger generation.

Fixed orthodontics

Classic dental braces and „DAMON“ prostheses, from metallic, titanium, highly esthetic zirconium, to crystal clear and transparent "ice" briquettes from the company „Ormco“.

Mobile orthodontics

Classic mobile braces or multifunctional devices that allow for proper teeth growth and development in the youngest, from 3 years to puberty.


– with passive self regulators!

It exists for more than 20 years, has been used by 4000 orthodontists in the world and so far it has treated 1,500,000 patients! It's never too late for the smile you always wanted! Fixed prosthesis can move teeth at any age. Wearing crystal-clipped brackets will not take a toll on your private and business life! If famous people can, why could not you!

DAMON Clear makes it inconspicuous, Your therapy is our secret!


Functional orthodontics

Unique type of treatment with so called Franckel's apparatus that includes an orthognathological approach that allows solving the posture and position of the body in children.

Lingual orthodontics

Invisible braces from „Ormco“ that are placed on the inside of the teeth and serve to quickly resolve anomalies in the anterior teeth.


Our partner – ORMCO

Orthodontics is one of our most important fields of work. Therefore, we decided to offer you the best through systems that use the principle that it is particularly important to us – to treat each patient as a separate individual. With our partner „Ormco“, we became educators and representatives of the most prestigious brand that „Damon“ which through “face-driven” orthodontics not only achieved a revolution in braces but introduced a whole new aspect of treating patients. The „Damon“ system is characterized by a greater comfort to the patient, less controls, the process is done without extracting teeth, shorter treatment and better results achieved by using light biological sensitive forces.

We offer the best options for you, because only with health inside we can achieve aesthetics outside.