Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is another one of our specialist services and we use it when the conservative approach is not enough, that is, when the patient needs surgical treatment. It covers endodontic surgery, third molar surgery, implantology, sinus lift, periodontal surgery, bone grafting, laser surgery, etc.
The surgical laser is an important part of the modern technology that we use at “Denta ES”, with which you get a painless and quick treatment, without bleeding, with minimal anesthetics, and without stitches and antibiotics.


Insertion of implants with a certificate and quality guarantee, raising the sinus cavity (sinus lift), guided bone regeneration, use of biological materials such as sticky bone granules (sticky bone), fibrin membrane rich in platelets from your blood (A-PRF) and all other surgical procedures in implantology.





The implant has several advantages compared to other methods of compensation for lost teeth. The appearance and function of the implant are completely natural. With the help of implanted implants, we prevent further bone resorption, which usually occurs during tooth loss, we do not sacrifice the remaining healthy teeth in its immediate vicinity as a result of further treatments in the field of prosthetics, and with its strenght, the implanted implant is an excellent candidate for a carrier of fixed prosthesis, which eliminates the possibility or irritation that is the case with mobile prosthesis.


Oral Surgery

Tooth extraction, surgical treatment of cysts and granulomas, extraction of impacted teeth, surgical treatment of open sinus, soft tissue and bone pre-prosthetic surgery.

Periodontal Surgery

Surgical treatment of the periodontium includes a conservative approach from deep curettage of the so called periodontal pockets, the intervention is performed by curettage of the soft and hard wall by hand or laser, or with an operative intervention by lifting a soft tissue flap and with the help of an ultrasound device, the diseased tissue is removed and artifical bone granules enriched with fibrin from your blood (sticky bone) are applied.

Laser Surgery

Totally painless surgical treatment for quick and painless operations with an easy postoperative period. We offer laser reconstruction of the gingiva, removal of polyps and hemangiomas, fluoridation of demineralized teeth, caries prevention and laser treatment of aphthae, ulcers and herpes and their deactivation at the first visit.